OUR CUSTOMERS, The Projects:

Along with offering numerous translation services, import and export various items,

our company has experience in providing in business advice for companies interested

in the Iran market, especially the Japanese companies who have been our good customers in the past.

Below are some of these projects.

1. Caspian Sea Coastal Agricultural Development Project (JICA)
2. Hitachi, Tehran Office (remaining work on power plants in Iran) HITACHI , Ltd.
3. 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th Tehran International Trade Fair Japan Pavilion .(JETRO)
4. Arak Refinery Project. (JGC Corporation)
5. The YAZD Signaling Training Center (YSTC) Project.(JICA_Nippon Signal Co.Ltd)
6. Vocational Training Management. (JICA)
7. ITA video service (Digital Recording System .(ITA Co, Ltd.)
8. Iran PTA chemical plant.( Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd)
9. Energy saving management and related law survey on government buildings in Iran.( JICA_Mitsubishi Research Institute)
10. Pilot Implementation Project for the introduction of ESCO Business of Iranian Government Building (JICA_Nippon Koei Co, Ltd. )
11. Export Seminar. (JETRO )
12. The Clean Development Mechanism(CDM) seminar.(JICA)
13. Japanese noodle production factory.(OHTAKE Co, Ltd.)
15. Energy Conservation Seminar .(Nippon Koei Co, Ltd. )
16. ESCO Business Promotion Seminar. (Nippon Koei Co, Ltd. )
17. Tehran Earthquake Resistant Seminar. (JICA)
18. Iran and Japan Joint Forum on Gas Turbine Combined Cycle and Repowering Technology (JEF)
19. Iran and Japan Joint Forum on Recent Railway Technologies and Environmental Solutions (JEF)
20. E_Learning workshop. (JICA_The Open university Of Japan)
21. Strategic Decision Initiative, Inc.(SDI)
22. Denka Company Limited.
23. Meher petrochemical Company (Kobelco)